Get Free Apps for Construction Tools – Get a Military Loan for the New Furniture

If you steer clear of home improvement projects because you lack the expensive tools necessary to do them right, you’re in luck. The mobile revolution has officially arrived in the land of do-it-yourself. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, there are now free home improvement apps that perform manual labor. Yes, it’s true: your phone is now your own private handyman.


Other than a calculator assisting you with quick in-store cost management, how could a cell phone possibly make home improvement projects cheaper and easier? Well, here’re a few free (mostly) apps that can help you in any construction project, big or small, and end up saving you tons!


Tape Measure

The App: GPS Megatape Tape Measure ($.99)

The Savings: $5 – $10

Measurements will be required in any home improvement project. Since even “Free Pocket Tape Measure” costs a dollar now, consider Megatape instead. It is GPS powered and precise. All you do is tap to reset when switching between measurements. Very quick and easy!

Cell Phone in Contruction Worker's Hands

  • Flashlight
  • The App: Flashlight
  • The Savings: $5 – $10

At some point, you will drop a screw, nail, or bracket. What you have dropped will in all likelihood roll underneath the couch or somewhere else dark.  This flashlight app saves you the trouble of hunting one down. Just point the phone as if you’re taking a picture. It amplifies the flash light on your phone and lets you see without moving the couch.

There now. That’s two less things to worry about, giving you more time to concentrate on what’s really important: buying stuff – furniture, for instance – which is easy if you’re active duty military.

The best way to get new furniture is with a military loan. A military loan can be granted with no money down, and with no interest for the first 90 days. That’s a same as cash loan for 90 days. After that, the interest that does apply is kept at a low rate to make your repayments easier. All active duty military personnel are qualified to apply, regardless of rank, pay grade, or credit history. Active duty personnel can apply right online, and approval is instant.

The best part? The money comes to you fast, so you can get on to shopping for that perfect living room suit – maybe even the latest and greatest. And who doesn’t want the latest and greatest?

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