A No-Credit Military Loan Makes Watching Your Contractor Easy

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the best ways to improve the value of your home. Most realtors will tell you that it’s also a great way to lessen the time it takes to sell. This seems to have caught on; within the past decade, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood flooring have become the standard fare for remodeling in anticipation of selling.

Hiring a contractor is necessary for a project this size. You will want to, however, remain involved and in the know about the project. You’ll want to spearhead the planning stage, of course, so that you get the results you’re looking for, and you’ll also want to oversee certain aspects of implementation for financial reasons. There are a few great apps to help with all this.

Cartoon Construction Worker

Builders’ Formulator

This app allows you to calculate the cost of materials per those measurements, such as the total price for however many sq ft of flooring, etc. Among many other functions, such as load-bearing and concrete pour calculations, it can also calculate your HELOC payment amount according to the specific interest rate.

The Home Depot

Once you have an idea of what you’re working with, this app creates a list of needed materials. Simply enter the information from the Builders’ Formulator into the app, which will then organize your needed materials into a shopping list. The ability to scan the barcodes of over 100,000 products allows you to keep the project on budget by comparing prices.

What you’ll also want to do is shop for new appliances yourself. This is quality control you don’t want to give up. The best way to get new appliances is with a no-credit military loan. A no-credit military loan can be granted with no money down, and with no interest for the first 90 days. That’s a same as cash loan for 90 days. After that, the interest that does apply is kept at a low rate to make your repayments easier. All active duty military personnel are qualified to apply, regardless of rank, pay grade, or credit history. Active duty personnel can apply right online, and approval is instant. The money comes to you fast, so you can get right to shopping for that the latest and greatest living room suit.

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