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Happy New Year From the Military Loans Connection!

On behalf of everyone at the Military Loans Connection, we’d like to wish the entire DOD community a very safe and happy New Year. No one known quite what to expect in 2014. It’s a midterm election year, and the times they have been a’changin’. Unfortunately, the DOD, NSA, CIA, and State Department have been political footballs over the past few years, and their budgets and operating initiatives are always subject to public scrutiny. Therefore, you never know which ones … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Bolivia is Waiting – Use Your Military Travel Options Today!

Bolivia is filled with rich history, beautiful culture, and lush, thick ecosystems. My point? There’s something for everyone there, and since the military is about as diverse as the great country it serves, Bolivia is a great military travel destination. That’s what I try to focus on when I’m writing about travel. Exchange USA makes it a point to let all of our military men and women know that, regardless of their personalities, we have what they want. And with … Continue reading

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Top Name Stationary Bikes Make Great New Year’s Resolutions – Get One with a Military Loan

If you’re like most, you don’t lament the end of the old year, you celebrate the beginning of the New Year. This positivity does, however, have a downside: with the New Year come the silly Resolutions that we all attempt to stick to for the next few months… weeks… hell, days. Just say days. Hours, if we’re being honest. One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is losing weight and getting in shape. While most people really don’t know … Continue reading

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Explore the Dutch Antilles with Military Travel Discounts

Of course, we’ve all heard about the British Virgin Islands, and the American Virgin Islands, and the French Caribbean, and… uh… Cuba. But did you know that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is out there just waiting to be explored? No, that’s not an undiscovered country. They’re real Caribbean Islands. Little ones with palm trees and drinks served in coconuts with umbrellas in them. It’s good times. So right about now, you’re confused. The Netherlands is… are?… in Europe, yes? … Continue reading

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