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Visit the Bahamas with Military Travel Assistance

Yeah, yeah, I know. The Bahamas. Why? Isn’t that where your grandparents went on their honeymoon? Isn’t that where the stupid “Atlantic” and “Sandals” resorts are can’t we do better than the Bahamas? Well, perhaps you could do different, but you’ll be hard pressed to do better. What the Bahamas have is the benefit of generations of tourism, and therefore it’s like the Caribbean version of Disney world. Those decades of tourism dollars have built the place into a virtual … Continue reading

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Get Away to St Kitts and Nevis with Discounted Military Travel

Bahamas? Nope. Too busy. Virgin Islands? Nope. Too played out. Jamaica? Nope. Too trendy. Aruba? Nope. Muuuuurda. So where do you go on your Caribbean vacation? Well, if you’re like me, you want to really get away from it all. The smaller islands are a great idea. Many people like the larger resorts, but I like the smaller islands. The little out of the way places are even more peaceful that the resorts, but they still have great bars and … Continue reading

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Life Made Easy with Easy Military Loan Purchases for Smart Phone and Laptop Cases

If you were overly careful – I mean, careful enough not to need insurance – then you probably wouldn’t need air or water, either. You’d be perfect. Flawless. You wouldn’t need food, nor anything us mere mortals need on a regular basis. But that’s not you. You need either some kind of insurance or some serious electronics protection. Luckily, Exchange USA has the answer. All you active duty military service personnel need no longer worry about how to keep their … Continue reading

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Remember Grenada Using Military Travel Discounts

Grenada? Isn’t this place an American colony? Didn’t we take it over in the 80s? Didn’t we trade it for Puerto Rico at some point? Nope. Grenada is a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean, and it’s just waiting for tourism. Plus, if you’re military and you want to travel, you gotta go see what your boys did back in the day. Here’s the story: OK, there was this guy who ran the country that was conspiring with Castro and… … Continue reading

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Make Central America Your Preferred Destination with Military Travel Deals

See, again, here’s the “Central America is Dangerous” thing again: Panama. When I was growing up, Panama was the epitome of everywhere you didn’t want to be. All you ever heard on the news was that Panama was basically one giant crack house, sapping the rest of the world with its poisonous wares. But now it’s not so bad. I know I’m starting to sound a bit like a broken record here, but it’s true. Central America is not half … Continue reading

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Honduras is Paradise, as Military Discount Travel Options Can Show You

You have a hard earned vacation coming up. Any ideas? Here’s one: Honduras. Honduras is the most beautiful country in the Western Hemisphere. No offense, Uncle Sam, but these guys got us beat solid. A picturesque paradise, you’d be hard pressed to find a better travel destination. But beware of the State Department travel warnings in regard to Honduras. Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, and their law enforcement is limited in their ability to combat rampant … Continue reading

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