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How is My Interest Rate Determined?

Interest rates vary by customer and consider several factors, including credit history (based on a consumer credit report), military rank, years of service, and debt-to-income ratio. As we look at the entire credit profile, we are unable to determine a specific interest rate until completion of application. The interest rate for your military loan is based on the likelihood of an applicant to repay the loan. A helpful way to understand loan interest rates is to look at how car … Continue reading

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How Does a Military Loan Help Me?

Military Loans Connection assists members of the military and civil service secure the very best instant military loans available. Once a client submits a loan request, either by phone or through our site, our credit specialists immediately negotiate the loan amount, term and interest rate for our clients. Once an approval is received, a representative from Military Loans Connection will notify you about your approval, assist you with your product selection and set up your delivery preferences.

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How I do I Qualify for a Military Loan?

To qualify for a secured military loan with Military Loans Connection you must be either active duty service member, career retired military service member or government civil service or US Postal level 5 and above. Any active military service member must have at least 9- 12 months left on active LES. We do however have lending programs for military and non military individuals available. A potential customer must also have the ability to have an allotment or bank draft capability. … Continue reading

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