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Remember Low Interest Loans for Military Personnel

If you’re active duty military, you can bundle fantastic electronics packages with an online military loan from Exchange USA. Great name brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, and Apple are all available. Bundling your purchases is a great way to save some cash while still checking out with everything you wanted. Like this little gem, for instance: the Ultimate PS3 Bundle: the 160GB PlayStation 3 console gaming system, featuring built-in WiFi and Blu-Ray capability: A 32inch flat screen TV, with plug-and-play … Continue reading

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If They Won’t Share, Low Interest Loans for Military Personnel Can Help!

Now see, this is just ridiculous. Here we go again with the gimmie gimmie. Since everyone’s budget is slashed, active duty is yanking equipment out from under reserve units and Guard detachments. Here’s what’s going on: Army leaders are trying to get the National Guard to draft 192 Apache strike helicopters into active duty units. The plan, schedules to execute by 2019, will streamline existing systems, both adding readiness in light of recent budget cuts and actually saving over a … Continue reading

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Bionic Suit? Not with a Low Interest Loans for Military Personnel. Maybe a Flying Car Instead…

Finally! The military has given us what we’ve wanted since childhood – something we got into this DOD business hoping would come along during our tenure. And it has! A Bionic combat suit! We are now officially cyborgs. Droids. Terminators. Darth. All good things. Leaders including the head of SOCOM are calling the suit a landmark achievement that will the face of US Special Forces. Leaders expect that it will give troops superhuman strength, x-ray vision, and make them bulletproof. … Continue reading

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Online Military Loans’ Fast Approval Let’s You Get Things in Order When Shipping Out

So things are starting to get crazy in the world. Again. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has officially thrown down the gauntlet over at in Asia. He sent two ballistic missile destroyers to Japan as a message to North Korean and China. The US usually lays off China – mostly because China owns most of the US… but anyway – but during this speech, Hagel pointed to the Russian takeover of Crimea as something that the US was probably not going … Continue reading

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Tobacco Sales on Base and Emergency Military Loans – Two Service Benefits that Have Nothing to Do with Each Other

Or DO they? Think about it: if you have an emergency, such as having to replace someone’s flat-screen that you just beer-punted when Peyton lost that safety last February, you’re not going to have much spending Money. BUT, if you take out an emergency military loan to pay for that flat-screen, then you can keep your spending cash in your pocket where it belongs. Then you’ll have money for your smokes. And it looks like those smokes are going to … Continue reading

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