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BRAC Issues? Enjoy Bad Credit Loans for Military Personnel

The Army brass told the House that cutting 20% of facilities is gonna save $5 billion by closing a few more bases. BRAC. Congress doesn’t like BRAC very much. BRAC seriously ticks off constituencies and gets Congress thrown out of office. The size of the Army is going to shrink anyway, due to general cuts and sequestration anyway, so therefore, facilities will go pretty much unmanned anyway, so this isn’t as big a deal as one would think. Still, it’s … Continue reading

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Ban Smokes? No… and Keep Bad Credit Loans for Military

What in the world are they doing now? Trying to save a life? Or trying to save in healthcare costs? See, the Navy is looking at the effects of banning tobacco from all the retail points – both on base and on ships. This is under direction of the Pentagon, and believe me, it’s serious. They’re even looking at things like potential impact on the exchange profits, etc. When they start looking at things like that, you know there’s a … Continue reading

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Loans for Military with Bad Credit Stick It to Westboro Church!

While everyone looks for the plane, take a look at this for a minute: The Westboro Baptist Church – the one that used to picket KIA funerals, right? Well, according to his son, the church’s founder, Fred Phelps, is on his deathbed. There are conflicting reports, with some sources saying that Phelps is in fact not dying, but resting comfortably at his home. But, others are supporting Junior’s claims, going so far as to name the name of the hospice … Continue reading

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Military Loans with Bad Credit ARE Possible!

What’s the one thing that active duty personnel, reservists, service vets, combat vets, and civil servants all have in common? They’re all stinking rich. Seriously. Uncle Sam has us all set up these days. Free food, free booze, free girls… Since that obviously isn’t the case, we have military loans. All Fed-type folks can get military loans with bad credit, good credit, or even no credit. Active duty military – ANY active duty military – have financing options available regardless … Continue reading

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Active Duty, Reservists, Vets, and Civil Servants Are All Guaranteed Military Loans with Bad Credit

Yes, you read that right. Active duty military personnel, as well as reservists, vets, and civil servants are all guaranteed military loans with bad credit. So what do you do with this power? Well, if it were me, the first thing I would do is trick my car out. Seriously. I’m driving a Honda Civic over here, and it’s all factory. A Civic can be a badass ride if you do it up right. Now, you can. The second thing? … Continue reading

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