DO NOT Use a Military Auto Loan to Do This…

If you’re going to get a loan, you don’t want to waste it. You’ll be stuck with the repayments, and then you won’t have gotten what you wanted to get when you took out the loan in the first place. So be wise when spending. Military auto loans are too good to waste. They’re one of the many great perks you get by being active duty, so don’t squander what amounts to one of your work benefits on something that doesn’t work. See car modifications.


Sure, some DIY solutions are great, such as using fuel injector cleaner, etc. And there are a few things that will help, such as air intake systems, etc. But as for the rest of it, remember these “improvements.” If you think they will boost your horsepower, you’ve got another thing coming! But not everyone gets that, and you see (and hear) these monstrosities nearly everywhere you go. So take a look at these glaring mistakes, and feel free to laugh the next time you pass one of these jokers in your 94 Civic.

Ground Effects

Through the 1980s and 1990s, cars started appearing with aerodynamic fins and whatnot in order to generate downforce. Like giant spoilers, these things not only look terrible, they also cause wind drag and excess weight – therefore having the exact opposite effect that they are intended to have. Many of them are also installed too low, meaning that they’ll just end up getting smashed on steep driveways anyway.

Badge Engineering

This involves installing things like different a grill, lights, and extra trim on a car make it look like a premium model. For example, the Cadillac Cimarron. Don’t try this! Aftermarket badge engineering doesn’t work. Adding Cobra or 5.0 badges to a Taurus just doesn’t fly. It won’t improve performance, and it won’t make you look cool. You’re not Cheech. You can’t put a Rolls hood ornament on an Impala and get away with it. Just don’t do it.

tornado vortex generator Tornado Vortex Generator

Tornado vortex generators usually cause more harm than good. Engineers work hard on engine intake mechanisms, including those that mix air and fuel. This mixing – which does increase your horsepower – happens in the combustion chamber. Putting one of these things in the wrong place on your car (upwind for lack of a better word) can actually impede the air and slow you down.

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