An Online Military Loan Can Help You Relocate

Relocation is a fact of life for most military families. Luckily, the government covers most related expenses. That’s MOST expenses, not all. SO when there is a situation where you have to move your mother-in-law halfway across the country with you, or when your wife’s cat requires a special climate controlled carrying cage that can only be transported by van, then there will be some charges beyond the scope of your government relocation allowance.

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You can get an online military loan to help out in this situation. Since it’s available to anyone on active duty, all you have to do is apply online. You’re already qualified. You can borrow up to 10K in some cases, which will more than cover the expenses not covered by Uncle Sam. So your money situation is not one to worry about, and that being the case, you’re then free to worry about the actual move. Here are a few tips to make that easier.

Keep your documents safe. PCS orders, medical records, power of attorney, birth certificates, resumes, and financial records are all vital records that are not replaced easily. If the movers lose them, you’re in a serious pinch. They should be kept safe by moving them yourself, not just storing them in the upper drawer of the desk going on the truck.

Anything left in the house will be packed. If there’s something you need for the trip, such as medication, or perhaps your kid’s blankie, keep it on you. Start a sort of carry-on bag and keep it with you – in the car, at your office, etc. If you have a long cross-country drive, and your asthma inhaler ends up getting boxed up with the bathroom stuff, you’re going to have to make a stop at the drug store.

Pay for moving insurance. If the company offers it, get it. If the company doesn’t, call your renters or property insurance provider and ask them if they offer it. It goes without saying that some things can’t be replaced due to sentimental value, but for that which can be, this will ensure that you don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake.

Attend a PCS moving briefing. The Community and Family Services Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) holds them on most military installations. They are open to all military personnel and dependents preparing for relocation.

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