A No Credit Military Loan Can Show Servicepersons a Good Time in Austin, TX

The military moves you. No, not the service and the honor. They physically move you. A lot. Usually, though, the places they move to aren’t that bad. Many cities embrace their military citizens, and they often have specials deals at events and gathering places specifically for them. This helps, because after you’ve just moved, chances are you’re broke.

What can also help is a no-credit military loan. These loans are made specifically for active duty military personnel. There is no interest for the first ninety days, and any individual on active duty is eligible regardless of rank or credit history. So you can borrow a few dollars to get you off to a good start in your new city. You don’t have to wait to catch up on your bills before you start learning the local hotspots… and we all know what moving can do to those bills.

Austin, TX, located directly in between Killeen’s Ft. Hood in and San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base, is a great place to enjoy your weekend leave. You’ll be in very good company, as Ft. Hood is home to over 50,000 employees, and Lackland is home to approximately 8,000. These people come from all walks of life, all ethnic backgrounds, and all geographic areas within the United States. Luckily, Austin has something for everyone.

Map of Austin TX

First of all, it’s a college town. A HUGE college town, hosting the University of Texas main campus. The college is home to over 50,000 largely bohemian students and staff. Culture is the city’s trademark, but it doesn’t stop with the college-rock-smoke-a-hookah crowd. The music scene in Austin is as varied as its population and its visitors. Long considered a country music Mecca, Austin sees some of the biggest country music concerts in the country.

The college also attracts Big 12 athletics, with major football and basketball programs from across the country coming into Austin to play every year. Tickets, although prioritized to the students and alumni, are available at a discount to members of the military.

Since being featured on TopChef, Austin has also gained a nationwide reputation as a culinary center. There are literally hundreds of top notch restaurants, bars, and pubs of all levels – 5 stars to no stars, so there is no shortage of date-night destinations, nor is there a shortage of places to drink with your buddies.


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