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Grown Up Toy Needs? Grab a Military Loan

OK, so now instead of the Ground Combat Vehicle, the Pentagon is asking for development plans form the nation’s top military contractors for a new new toy. The working name is the “Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle,” or ULCV, which will be air-droppable. Yes, an airborne assault vehicle. It will be ideally deployed with a… wait for it… light infantry brigade, and the project heads are looking for the following qualities according to Hot-zone transportable by Chinook helicopter in combat configuration … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam Stealing Your Thunder? Take it Back with a Military Loan

Just a few years ago, the Air Force and the Air National Guard were tearing each other’s eyes out over the ever-present balance of reserve fleets and the active duty roster. All this belt tightening in DC had their skivvies in a twist… but where the other branches sat back and enjoyed the slap fest, it now appears that they’re following suit to a large extent. Well, at least the Army is, anyway. The Army brass is downplaying the friction, … Continue reading

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Veterans Groups Warn Against Restricting TRICARE

There has been a major proposed change to retired military healthcare coverage, and Veterans groups are poised to fight back hard.   All retirees under the civilian retirement age will soon be forced off TRICARE Prime. According to the CBO, the DOD stands to save up to $90 billion by simply changing the age requirement, and since the annual DOD healthcare expenditure has risen by 130% in 10 years, many in Washington are applauding the idea.   Veterans groups like … Continue reading

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Save Even More Money Using Military Financing with Free Shipping from Exchange USA

The best thing going today just got better! Did you know that Exchange USA now offers free shipping to all active duty servicepersons financing lifestyle products through their website? This means that there’s REALLY no reason not to do your online lifestyle shopping through the Exchange USA military financing program. Sure, you can get free shipping through Amazon Prime, but what are you really saving? There’s an annual Prime fee that you have to pay that eats up most of … Continue reading

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Discount Travel Service Temporarily but Indefinitely Discontinued

Since there has been so much promotion of the travel service here recently, I would be remiss not to be upfront and forthright in making this clear and official at this time: Military Loans Connection has temporarily but indefinitely suspended all military travel assistance services as offered on the website Therefore, if you go back and read any older posts on this blog, please disregard any information about direct discounts and benefits from either Military Loans Connection or Exchange … Continue reading

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OK, this is kinda scary. Danger Pay is being cut…

The danger pay cuts, part of a labor cost reduction initiative on the part of the DoD, will hit thousands of airmen and sailors now assigned to ships, ports, and flight ops in the Middle East. Danger Pay is scheduled to be discontinued in June, immediately affecting the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman and the Red Sea. Further, there is some strangeness to it all. Serbia and Montenegro were discontinued, but Athens Greece was not. … Continue reading

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