Veterans Groups Warn Against Restricting TRICARE

There has been a major proposed change to retired military healthcare coverage, and Veterans groups are poised to fight back hard.


All retirees under the civilian retirement age will soon be forced off TRICARE Prime. According to the CBO, the DOD stands to save up to $90 billion by simply changing the age requirement, and since the annual DOD healthcare expenditure has risen by 130% in 10 years, many in Washington are applauding the idea.


Veterans groups like the VFW are not among them.


The VFW has formally questioned the validity and accuracy of the CBO numbers, both on the amount potentially saved and on the amount already being spent. Some are going so far as saying that this will impact enlistment and threaten the US Armed Forces’ standing as a volunteer-only force. If the amount of volunteers declines… then what’s next? A draft?


While Democrats have been pushing for DOD cuts for decades, the CBO report prompting the age restriction was commissioned by a Republican. So, this isn’t politics as usual. This is real. And sadly, there doesn’t seem to be much that we can do. It looks like a lot of people are soon going to be without a lot of extra spending money.

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