US Military Loans Can Compensate for Your CO Troubles

Although the US Government in effect outlawed the prohibition of alcohol with the passage of the 21st Amendment in 1933, the United States military apparently was never informed of this. While never known to shy away from conduct control, the military has had a long history of looking the other way when it came to the culture of alcohol within the lower ranks. The military is no longer looking the other way.

Banning dorm alcohol consumption is the latest campaign to curb bad behavior among the enlisted personnel. Essentially a pilot program at Ramstein AFB, a restriction on late night alcohol sales in the Kaiserslautern Military Community has been indefinitely extended.

The alcohol prohibition around Ramstein and also Kapaun Air Station applies to about 1,300 junior personnel in grades E-1 to E-3. The rationale here is that this is still somewhat of a training environment.

The dorm environment is expected to provide a safe place to live while promoting professionalism and discipline.

Statistics appear to back the ban. 180 of the 422 alcohol-related incidents in the program area involved Air Force personnel, with about half of that number made up of just these beginning grade airmen.

The goal is to promote good behavior and a controlled environment of dignity, trust, and respect. However, some leaders are concerned that by removing the safe place to drink at home, the ban may lead to more alcohol-related off-base incidents.

But the bottom line is this: it won’t be long until they try to bring this new policy everywhere. There are some well-founded concerns about this policy, particularly in the realm of finance. Young E-1s don’t make very much money, and if they can’t knock back a few in their rooms, then they’re going to go spend what little money they do have in the bars downtown. And that leads to trouble.

Luckily, once they realize that they’ve drank all their money, they can apply for a military loan to cover the deficit and pay their bills. These loans are available to all active duty servicepersons regardless of credit rating. And, with easy repayment options and low interest, they don’t have to worry about having to go without too much in the following pay periods. Enjoying the benefits that a military loan can provide is yet another service perk.

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