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Burning MoneyOK, now… as much as we love the military, and as proud as you are to be in uniform, we sometimes just have to face facts. The military does host a few unseemly characters. C’mon, no one’s listening. You can say it. “Some of these people are MORONS!” There, now. Feel better?

Not everyone has their head screwed on the way you do. If they did, they’d be reading this article, too. But they’re not. You know this. Because when they need a loan, they don’t look to a lending institution, or to an informational website, or to a loan broker. They’re lookin’ at YOU.


How many times have you told that story about the trip up to Vegas the last time you had leave in San Diego? Your genius bunk mate lost his butt on penny slots – was that even possible? – and you had to feed him for three days until you could get back to the ship.

How about that time he went with you to that… uh… nightclub… and met that really friendly girl that just wanted to hang out by the table and dance all night. You feed him again, didn’t you? This time until payday.

Then there was that time downtown in Norfolk, and he was so proud of himself because he found this awesome new shot that no one had ever heard of… Looey… Lou… Louis the somethingorother? Yes, it’s true. This guy would absolutely starve to death it is weren’t for you.

So what do you do when it all gets out of control? What happens when you’ve bailed this guy out so many times you’re actually coming up short yourself? Are you just going to sit back and let the fact that your buddy is bleeding you dry keep you from paying your rent? Of course not.

This is where an easy military loan can come into play. With these loans, you can borrow high and pay back low. With no interest for the first 90 days and low interest thereafter, active, reserved, and retired military can take advantage of the automatic qualification and apply right online. You can be approved instantly, and bail YOURSELF out for a change.

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