Remember Low Interest Loans for Military Personnel

If you’re active duty military, you can bundle fantastic electronics packages with an online military loan from Exchange USA. Great name brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, and Apple are all available. Bundling your purchases is a great way to save some cash while still checking out with everything you wanted.

Like this little gem, for instance: the Ultimate PS3 Bundle:

  • the 160GB PlayStation 3 console gaming system, featuring built-in WiFi and Blu-Ray capability:
  • A 32inch flat screen TV, with plug-and-play compatibility and channel labeling and sleep timer for ease of use
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is First-person Shooter game with a heavy focus on multiplayer gameplay

This kind of fantastic deal can be financed with low interest loans for military personnel. And hey, DOD peeps: you’re qualified too!


And speaking of Call of Duty, Snoop Dogg is doing the voiceover work to the upcoming edition Call of Duty: Ghosts. According to Snoop, the game is both “hip” and “hood.”

Snoop got into the act because of the reputation of the game. He says he wanted his voice to be associated with something that is already associated with greatness, and so therefore, the Call of Duty franchise was a perfect choice.

Call of Duty exudes greatness, like all things associated with the military. Think loans low interest loans for military personnel, and those that supply them. Offering the DOD community fair financing terms on lifestyle purchases that may otherwise become a financial burden is an honor for Exchange USA. Providing those who defend our freedoms an opportunity to have a few of the finer things in life is one of the company’s highest priorities, and the goal at all times is to provide the best of the best in top name brand home electronics, home furnishings, car accessories and performance parts, rims, truck lift kits, jewelry, appliances, scooters, musical instruments, fitness equipment, wireless devices, and RNR travel assistance.

Exchange USA is located in the historic downtown Phoebus section of Hampton, Virginia. Centrally located in the military hotbed of Hampton Roads, Exchange USA serves the Federal communities in Naval Station Norfolk, NAS Oceana, NASA/Langley AFB, Yorktown NWS, Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, TSC Hampton Roads at Dam Neck, and NAB Little Creek. Additionally, with a strong online presence, Exchange USA is able to serve our fighting men and women anywhere in the world.

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