Remember Grenada Using Military Travel Discounts

Grenada? Isn’t this place an American colony? Didn’t we take it over in the 80s? Didn’t we trade it for Puerto Rico at some point?

Nope. Grenada is a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean, and it’s just waiting for tourism. Plus, if you’re military and you want to travel, you gotta go see what your boys did back in the day. Here’s the story:

OK, there was this guy who ran the country that was conspiring with Castro and… I dunno… was it Brezhnev at the time? The Russian guy. Anyway, he conspire, but he was only a moderate, so he was overthrown and executed in mid-conspiracy by hardline communists, who subsequently set up a military dictatorship loyal to… wait for it… Castro and Brezhnev.

So Reagan and Thatcher get all ticked off and send in the Marines to Monroe-in a more “friendly” government, and little Grenada has been ours ever since. Shady? Maybe. BUT, it’s a testament to the effectiveness of the Marine Corp, and if you’re active duty with some time off coming up, this is a great excuse to catch some rays while visiting a site of great triumph.


Image of Grand Anse beach

Grand Anse

Google these great attractions in Grenada to enjoy while you’re there:

  • Grande Anse – two miles of white sand and serene, calm conditions
  • Underwater Sculpture Garden – an artistic display, entirely underwater, making for a unique snorkeling or scuba diving trip
  • The Grenada Chocolate Company — a silver award winner in the 2011 London Academy of Chocolate Awards
  • Seven Sisters Falls — perfection both visually and for relaxation purposes
  • St. George’s —  The capital of Grenada, with a quite scenic older section
  • Dougaldston Spice Estate – a foodie’s dream, with guided tours of how spices are grown, harvested and developed

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