Make Central America Your Preferred Destination with Military Travel Deals

See, again, here’s the “Central America is Dangerous” thing again: Panama. When I was growing up, Panama was the epitome of everywhere you didn’t want to be. All you ever heard on the news was that Panama was basically one giant crack house, sapping the rest of the world with its poisonous wares.

But now it’s not so bad. I know I’m starting to sound a bit like a broken record here, but it’s true. Central America is not half as bad as it used to be, and many, MANY American tourists are beginning to figure that out. It’s starting to rival Europe and the Caribbean as destination Number One for those two weeks we all get.


Image of the San-Blas-Inseln

San-Blas-Inseln, Panama

True, you don’t get the history or culture that you get in Europe, but you get twice the beauty… and it’s WAY cheaper. In fact, there are a lot of reasons to make Central America your first choice. In case you’re conflicted, Google these great attractions in Panama. They’re sure to help you make up your mind:

  • Coiba National Marine Park – over 800 species of marine life are present in the best place to snorkel and scuba on the Pacific Coast
  • San Blas Islands – beautiful and small, they are the domain of the Kuna tribe, who “rent” the islands to small parties at low daily rates
  • Santa Catalina – world class surfing at a beautiful beach surrounded by isolating jungle forests, insulating the area’s natural beauty
  • Vulcan Baru – a long, steep climb with climate changes for the adventurous, or lower level hot springs for the mellow
  • The Panama Canal – duh
  • Isla Taboga – the second-oldest church in the Americas, narrow streets, restaurants, and great views of Panama City

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