Instant Military Loans can Alleviate Your Tax Troubles

The American people aren’t the only ones feeling the crunch of Sequestration. The government is feeling the crunch, too. Take the IRS, for instance. The IRS is close to completely hamstrung as far as revenue collection, and because of it, you may have a huge safety net to avoid tax troubles this coming year. Thanks to the Sequester, private, middleclass citizens probably won’t get audited. The reason why is that the Sequester cuts $600 million from the IRS budget, forcing furloughs of nearly 100,000 employees without pay for seven business days.

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True, furloughs shrink government paychecks, but they also make it more difficult to give individual taxpayers the scrutiny they would ordinarily receive at tax time. So ironically, the Sequestration is actually COSTING the government money as opposed to saving it money. Audit frequency has declined due to budget cuts in recent years, anyway. Just last year, audits dropped by 5% nationally. So what we have is a cash-strapped American government that desperately wants to fill the void in any way it can. Be warned!

And there’s other news that isn’t all good, either. For one, the audits that the IRS does have time to get to are going to be more vigorously pursued than normal because they need the money more than normal. So if you are one of the unlucky ones, hang on to your hat! On the other side of the fence, if you’re due a refund that you for some reason don’t get, attempting to file a claim with the IRS is going to be a much slower process that it has been in the past – and it hasn’t exactly been lightning fast in the past, either.

If you fall into either of these two categories, an instant military loan might be just what the doctor ordered. These loans are available to all active duty servicepersons, and the approval is… wait for it… instant! The repayment terms are easy to manage, with no interest for the first 90 days and low interest thereafter. And the best part? They are available to you regardless of credit history – you can have good credit, no credit, or even bad credit. As long as you’re active military, you’re qualified.  The money arrives fast, so you can keep things in your life unaffected by the actions of a depleted IRS.

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