A Fast Military Loan Can Get you Home to Straighten Out a Mess

Sometimes, things come up in life that don’t make any sense. Luckily, you can get a fast military loan to cover unforeseen and sudden odd occurrences that you may or may not have to rush back home to deal with. The approval is instant, and since all you need to be to qualify is active duty, the application can be taken care of right online. The money arrives quickly, and so it’s a great solution to strange problems. Strange problems like this one, for instance:

"The Jury" by John Morgan

Even those preparing to enter the combat theater in Afghanistan can’t seem to get out of jury duty. A Coconut Creek, FL woman found out the hard way. Her son, Army Sergeant Brandon Klein, currently stationed on the Pacific coast awaiting deployment, was ordered by the Broward County Clerk’s Office to report for jury duty. If that doesn’t beat all, the report time was scheduled for AFTER his deployment date. , even after being notified that he was stationed in Washington state and planning to be out of the country by the end of May.

The problem was one of bureaucracy, according to the Broward County Courts’ jury manager. Sergeant Klein’s mother had notified the clerk’s office to his situation with an online form. Apparently, the online form doesn’t cover excused duty cases – only postponements. Those wishing to be excused from jury duty altogether are required to contact the clerk’s office by telephone or make a formal in-person request in writing.

While the form fiasco can take a good lump of the blame, Florida also has categorical issues when it comes to exemptions. Automatic exemptions are allowed for law enforcement officers, pregnant women, unemployed parents with young children, and senior citizens. Active duty military personnel CAN be exempt, but they can also serve at their own behest. If they are available and willing, they can be called upon. That is what happened in this case.

The case has since been resolved, and Sergeant Kline will not have to serve his jury duty time. It seems like there could have been a better system in place. Luckily for the Sarge, his mom was on top of things. YOU could have needed a loan to make the unexpected trip!

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