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We love our cars. It’s true – whether it’s a Camero or a Yaris, we grow attached to our cars as if they were our own children. Often, we love to mod them out – add on tons of performance parts, rims, and audio systems. The best way to get the goods to make those upgrades with is with an online military loan. An online military loan can be granted with no money down, and with no interest for the first 90 days. That’s a same as cash loan for 90 days. After that, the interest that does apply is kept at a low rate to make your repayments easier. All active duty military personnel are qualified to apply, regardless of rank, pay grade, or credit history. Active duty personnel can apply right online, and approval is instant. The money comes to you fast, so you can get right to shopping for the gear you need to make those heads turn.


But don’t get so excited that you blow it out… or worse… wreck it. We’ve all heard the words “statistics” and “accidents” used together over the years. From the FOP to MADD, American auto accident statistics are used in the rhetoric of just about every political action group under the sun. Some of these statistics are true to form, and as expected, back up commonly held public conceptions, often with interesting nuances to reinforce them.

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For example, did you know that 24% of drivers in fatal crashes had been drinking? Well, consider this: in the same year, 33% of drivers involved in fatal accidents had illegal drugs in their systems. Now, this might make one wonder if the billion-dollar ad campaigns against drunk driving are worth it. But these stats don’t identify which numbers are overlapping; that is to say, how many people in the 33% are also in the 24%. The numbers don’t identify whether drugs alone cause more accidents that drinking alone. After all, the two often go together.

And speaking of billion dollar ad campaigns, how about those texting teenagers? We all have the image of the spoiled 16 year old in her shiny new SUV barreling down the highway while staring into her lap. But you may be surprised to know that out of the 3,092 fatal crashes attributed to distracted drivers, only 10% were teenagers. (Don’t get cocky, kiddies. We’re still watching you!)

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