Low Interest Military Loans Are the Foil for Slow Job Growth

This week, a market report from Institute for Supply Management showed that service companies grew at a slower rate in March, and small business owners cut back their hiring. This suggests a general growing caution after the Sequester was implemented, however the same report did also show a drop in new business in these sectors.

1930s Depression Bread Line

The companies in this report make up 90% of the US workforce, with retail, construction, healthcare, and financial services all represented. Because this is such a large portion of American society, just 160,000 jobs are expected in the March employment report – an underperformance to say the least.


So how does this affect you? What does any of this have to do with the military? You know where your money’s coming from, right? No worries here… expect that your sister’s husband still won’t be able to find a job, and so he won’t be able to replace the speakers he blew the last time they house-sat for you. Your neighbor down the street? The one who needed a quick loan to keep the lights on? Him neither. And your kid… well… let’s not even go there.


See, life works like this: you never know what’s going to come next. With the economy the way it is, and with job growth at a trickle, those of us in the wind will continue to use and sometimes abuse “old faithful” — the man in the camo, protecting us from North Korea and the meter reader.


But what about your own meter? What if you have two sisters? Or 10 neighbors? Or six kids? It might be time for you too to borrow some money yourself. Luckily, you can get a low interest military loan to compensate for your own generous nature. If you’ve over extended yourself, you can get a low interest military loan with no interest at all for the first 90 days. This way, you don’t have to resort to anything unseemly in order to keep your own lights on.


It’s true, you always want to help out your friends and family, and yes, sometimes it’s hard to say no to people that you know are on hard times – especially when you have a dependable check coming in. Just make sure you don’t end up in the pickle jar with them!


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