Keep Your Kitchen Stocked with a Military Loan

I was feeling particularly manly this weekend. I was making cupcakes. Read on.

We found this recipe online for Oreo cupcakes – cupcakes with smashed-up Oreo cookies mixed in to them. Now, I’m not much of an apron-wearer, but I tell you what, it was just that kind of weekend. THESE things had to get made.

Finding the ingredients wasn’t the problem, the prep work wasn’t that big a deal, and of course the girl wore the apron (no offense, ladies). Then we get to the point where we have to mix the batter.

No mixer.

We’ve already dumped all this stuff – the milk, the eggs, the Oreos, etc. – into the bowl, and now we’re stuck with no mixer. So guess who had to whisk than mess by hand. Oh yeah, this guy. Have you ever tried to mix cake batter by hand? I couldn’t even hold a pencil for the rest of the night… but I conquered the batter.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Trust me, no matter how bad you think you are, you need a mixer in the kitchen. The good news is that because you’re active duty, you qualify for a military loan, and that way you can finance a brand new mixer – and not some piece of junk, either. I’m talking about buying a 5-quart KitchenAid countertop model – Top Chef style – directly from Exchange USA.

All active duty military personnel qualify for military loans. A military loan can be granted with no money down, and with no interest for the first 90 days. That’s a same as cash loan for 90 days. After that, the interest that does apply is kept at a low rate to make your repayments easier. All active duty military personnel are qualified to apply, regardless of rank, pay grade, or credit history.

Yes, you read that right. Military loans are available regardless of credit. You can have good credit – like an 800 score, or you could have no credit at all… OR, you could have a credit score in the 400s. None of that matters when it comes to applying – people in each of these situations are equally qualified to apply.

The best part? You can apply right online, and approval is instant. The money comes to you fast, and you can borrow up to $10,000 in some cases for just about whatever you need, so if you need more than just a mixer, you’re all set.

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