Grab a New Exercise Bike with an Online Military Loan

You aren’t Trump. Notsomuch the 1%. Rockefeller you ain’t. The fallout from this bleeds into just about every aspect of your life, and your living situation is no exception. You have to have a roommate. Imagine what your bills would be without one: about a grand a month for an apartment, and then a couple hundred for the utilities and communications… not to mention your other bills, like your insurance, car note, and on and on. It’s a parade.

You can only screen your roommates but so much, so you got stuck with an absolute screw up. This guy can’t stay sober for more than an hour at a time. Three o’clock in the morning? You have to work at five? No problem… your new best friend and all his friends will gladly turn the music down to 8 or 9… just enough to keep you in sleep-deprived dysfunction during your workday… and your boss sees this in you From. Moment. One.

That’s where it starts. For the rest of the day, it’s one thing after another – a disapproving look here, a stern “Get it together!” there – and you just have to swallow it because saying a word in the military is tantamount to career suicide. Don’t EVER make excuses to the brass. So you swallow it, and it will become stress in your gut. And there it grows.

The good news? EXERCISE will not only help you sleep more soundly, but it reduces or even eliminates the side effects of stress… the snappiness, the anger, even the physical discomfort. So do it! A stationary bike is a great choice. If it’s 95 degrees outside when you get off, or if it’s 5, you can still go for a ride. Just ride inside. Luckily, all active duty military personnel qualify for online military loans to finance a brand new one. A good one, too – like a Livestrong or Nautilus.

Various Stationary Bikes

An online military loan can be granted with no money down, and with no interest for the first 90 days. After that, the interest that does apply is kept at a low rate to make your repayments easier. The best part? These loans are available regardless of credit history – good, bad, or nonexistent. AND, with online application and instant approval, the money comes to you fast.


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