Get a Great Mountain Bike on the Cheap with Military Financing

Image of Diamondback 2013 Recoil Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike Mountain biking is mad fun. Not only is it great for track racing, and not only is it great for off-road biking, but it’s perfect for trails and parks. Most parks, in fact, have trails dedicated specifically to biking – restricted and off-limits to foot traffic and motorized vehicles. So mountain biking is a big thing out there.

But they’re EXPENSIVE!! A quality mountain bike… like, say, a Diamondback… can run you in the neighborhood of $700 or $800. For a bicycle!! As I said, though, they are quality. Diamondback is one of the best that you can buy.

So then there’s that top-of-the-line rule you have. You know… the one that remind you that you don’t buy that stuff because you can’t afford it. Try though you might, every time you make a top-of-the-line purchase, you end up late on the rent because you’ve already blown your wad for the month. Then you’re stuck, angrily reminding yourself that you’re not in the 1%. It’s a bad day, for sure, and there’s nothing you can do at that point to undo what you’ve done to your bank account.

All that time you spent dreaming about winning the lottery so you could have a house like Cribs? Yeah. Forget about it. If you’re active duty, you have military financing instead. Military financing is available to all active duty military personnel regardless of rank, pay grade, or credit history. That’s right – there are no credit requirements for application eligibility. ALL you need to be is active duty – that’s a Private straight out of Basic right on up to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Everyone is equally qualified to apply, no matter who you are.

Worried about taking out a loan? Don’t be. The interest is a breeze compared to what the big banks will do to you. First of all, there’s no interest for the first 90 days, so you can start out on the right foot. After that, the rates stay low to help with repayments. But the best part? You don’t have to go INTO the bank in a monkey suit begging some jerk behind a desk for a kick-down. You just fill out the online form, click the mouse, and sit back. Approval is instant – and you can borrow up to $10,000 in some cases.

Exchange USA is always rolling out new deals and new products, so be sure to check their website frequently!

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