Explore the Dutch Antilles with Military Travel Discounts

Of course, we’ve all heard about the British Virgin Islands, and the American Virgin Islands, and the French Caribbean, and… uh… Cuba. But did you know that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is out there just waiting to be explored? No, that’s not an undiscovered country. They’re real Caribbean Islands. Little ones with palm trees and drinks served in coconuts with umbrellas in them. It’s good times.

So right about now, you’re confused. The Netherlands is… are?… in Europe, yes? Well, yes. BUT, the KINGDOM of the Netherlands reaches beyond Europe and across the Atlantic. A settlement here, a settlement there, add language and currency, and viola: the Dutch Caribbean. And you thought the days of colonization were over!

There are several Dutch Caribbean islands fit for military travel, and you can get great military discounts on flights to the vicinity. The three best destinations are those you know well: Curacao, Bonaire, and good ol’ Aruba.

Curacao is gorgeous, and like its sister Aruba, sits right off the Venezuelan coast. It’s very Dutch, and is the perfect blend of European and Caribbean architectures and style. Bonaire is similar, but a little less traveled to and therefore less commercial.

Resort in Aruba at night

Aruba, however, is a giant casino. World renown as a party spot, Aruba is destination number one for many travelers in the Southern Caribbean. It is home to some of the finest all-inclusive resorts in the region, including Palm Beach, which features five-star resorts, white sand and excellent swimming conditions in calm water.

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