BRAC Issues? Enjoy Bad Credit Loans for Military Personnel

The Army brass told the House that cutting 20% of facilities is gonna save $5 billion by closing a few more bases.


Congress doesn’t like BRAC very much. BRAC seriously ticks off constituencies and gets Congress thrown out of office.

The size of the Army is going to shrink anyway, due to general cuts and sequestration anyway, so therefore, facilities will go pretty much unmanned anyway, so this isn’t as big a deal as one would think. Still, it’s not fair.

Why would these poor guys on the Hill have to take the heat for the DOD shenanigans? Sure, they want cuts, but can’t they cut the old fashioned way? Just stop spending money? Why do they have to kill jobs? It’s just not fair.

But you know what IS fair? Bad credit loans for military personnel. Offering the DOD community fair financing terms on lifestyle purchases that may otherwise become a financial burden is an honor for Exchange USA. Providing those who defend our freedoms an opportunity to have a few of the finer things in life is one of the company’s highest priorities, and the goal at all times is to provide the best of the best in top name brand home electronics, home furnishings, car accessories and performance parts, rims, truck lift kits, jewelry, appliances, scooters, musical instruments, fitness equipment, wireless devices, and RNR travel assistance.

Terms are offered on US military loans, which are available to all servicepersons regardless of rank, pay grade, or credit standing. Active duty personnel, reservists, veterans, and career civil servants with good credit, bad credit, or no credit are all equally eligible to apply. If granted, there is no interest for the first 90 days, and the rates thereafter are kept low. Applications are always available online, and approval of up to $10,000 is instant in some cases.

Exchange USA is located in the historic downtown Phoebus section of Hampton, Virginia. Centrally located in the military hotbed of Hampton Roads, Exchange USA serves the Federal communities in Naval Station Norfolk, NAS Oceana, NASA/Langley AFB, Yorktown NWS, Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, TSC Hampton Roads at Dam Neck, and NAB Little Creek. Additionally, with a strong online presence, Exchange USA is able to serve our fighting men and women anywhere in the world.

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