Active Duty, Reservists, Vets, and Civil Servants Are All Guaranteed Military Loans with Bad Credit

Yes, you read that right. Active duty military personnel, as well as reservists, vets, and civil servants are all guaranteed military loans with bad credit. So what do you do with this power?

Well, if it were me, the first thing I would do is trick my car out. Seriously. I’m driving a Honda Civic over here, and it’s all factory. A Civic can be a badass ride if you do it up right. Now, you can.

The second thing? Home Gym. Sick and tired of paying $50 a month to use someone else’s equipment. Rather have my own. Maybe a Bowflex, and a new treadmill. Or better yet – an Elliptical for my girl. And speaking of my girl, what  better an opportunity is there to pick up some diamonds for her. Keep her happy for at least a year with some of this stuff. SO worth it!


There’s really no denying it. Exchange USA has the best military financing options around. Now, you don’t have to daydream about having all the loot you see on TV every day. Online military loans are available to all active duty military personnel regardless of rank, pay grade, or credit history. All you need to be is active to qualify – even if you’ve been turned down for credit in the past.


We finance EVERYTHING: Furniture, Jewellery, Appliances, Automotive, Electronics, Televisions, Computers, Rims/Tires, Exercise Equipment, Summer Equipment, Car Performance Accessories, Gas Scooters, Music Equipment, Bikes, Power Tools, Tool Sets, and much, much more!

Don’t be worried about taking out these loans, either. The repayments are easy. There’s no interest for the first 90 days, and after that, the interest that does apply stays low to help with the payback. There’s also a convenient Apply Online feature that allows you to do the whole thing from your computer from start to finish – JUST LIKE THE SHOPPING YOU WERE DOING IN THE FIRST PLACE! You just fill out the online form, click the mouse, and sit back. Approval is instant – and you can borrow up to $10,000 in some cases.

Exchange USA is always rolling out new deals and new products, so be sure to check their website frequently!

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